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Hello! My name is Tim. I'm working towards becoming a Web Developer.

I think the greatest thing about developing websites is making something look pleasing to the eye as well as functional. Keeping things simple is key to making the user experience both seamless and fun. In the end, I want help other people through the expression of my creativity.

As for my skillsets, I have experience with working in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP/MySQL. I also have experience in working with design software in Adobe Suite and 3D Modelling with Maya and Blender.

Outside of Web Development, I enjoy eating steaks, competitive Smash Bros, and exploring the outdoors.


Journal App

This is a simple journal application that I work on to practice programming and UI design skills. It has simple create, read, update, and delete functionality. It also stores your entries persistently through your browser's local storage.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript (Vanilla)

Journal App


If you like what what you see, feel free to contact me!